01/22/2015 - News on our blog

Why is overproduction the worst muda? Participate in the discusion on our blog (http://www.consulting-xp.com/blog)

27/10/2014 - Certified in Sales & Operations Planning (CS&OP)

I was very pleased and proud to receive the CS&OP Certificate from the hands of Mel and Sue Nelson, after passing the exam of The S&OP Institute and the Fisher College of Business of the Ohio State University.

13/01/2014 - Certified Champion in Lean (CChL)

Xavier Perrin is now Certified Champion in Lean (CChL) by the International Independent Board for Lean Certification (http://www.iiblc.org)

12/03/201 - What is the Point of SMED?

When I ask this question, the answer is almost always: "It is for increasing capacity while reducing wastes". Is it a correct answer? Join the discussion on our blog (http://www.consulting-xp.com/blog/?p=363)

MGCM is 25

25 years summarized in 6 minutes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdFf5C7GN_A&feature=youtu.be)

How do we waste energy and intelligence of our employees?

Discover the latest blog post (http://www.consulting-xp.com/blog/?p=303)