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Our credo is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "There is no solution. There are forces in motion: they must be created and solutions follow." We are convinced that there is no standard solutions to the challenges that industrial companies are facing.

Our approach is, first and foremost, based on the careful listening of the customers' needs:

  • to understand their strategy and their goals
  • to identify their strengths
  • to identify their weaknesses



It is only then that improvements can be suggested, regardless of dogmatic or fashionable approaches. Knowing what to do is necessary, but it has then to become a reality. Thus we guide our customers in the application of their action plans.

Our main areas of expertise are supply-chain management and lean-production.

However, our international network of partners allows us to take on every aspect of business management.

We focus our action on the basics of industrial performance. They are the foundations of an efficient industry. We observed that most of the time, a great improvement potential lies in the mastering of these fundamentals, more than in the application of more sophisticated means.

We can present our services in both English and German.







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